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Big Growth - Big Smiles - Short Time

What better way to spend your weekend - and improve as a ballplayer - than an hour of baseball designed expressly for Pre K and Kindergarteners.

Our coaches, led by Directors Dan Thorner and RJ Johnsen, will bring the energy, enthusiasm, and positivity to help every rookie fall in love with the game. 


Our Pre-K Power Hour will be a fast paced rotation through several different stations allowing the ballplayers to practice hitting, throwing, catching, moving athletically, and competing.  Our coaches will create a familiar structure that will allow even our youngest ballplayers to feel confident in what they're doing and spend most of their energy on having fun and getting better.

Our Kindergarten Power Hour will begin the season with station rotations as players and coaches get to know each other, before transitioning into Tee Ball Games.  These games will feature relatively small teams so there are lots of at bats and plenty of opportunities for coaches to celebrate successful moments and help the kindergarteners learn from mistakes.

Rookie Power Hours will be on Saturday afternoons from April 6th to June 1st  (we'll be off for Memorial Day weekend) on the St Albans Baseball Field 

The cost for the Spring Rookie Power Hour is $285 and includes a Bulldog Baseball shirt.

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