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Matt Bowman Headshot.png

Coach Johnsen was a big help to me in high school and beyond. The big man as I call him - the big man was and continues to be a great coach and wonderful person. He cares deeply about his players both on and off the field.

I was able to go to the Dominican Republic with coach and saw first hand the impact he has had on the lives of those kids and how much he loves the community of Consuelo and how much they love him.  

I know that he does a great job teaching both younger players to love the game and older players the fundamentals and skills to succeed at the next level.  

Matt Bowman, Pitcher/Shortstop

St. Albans '09

Princeton '12

Currently with the New York Yankees

Seen above as a member of the Cincinnati Reds with his St Albans teammate Danny Hultzen (class of '07) and Coach Thorner and Coach Johnsen who coached them when they played for the Bulldogs

Pepe Frias Card.png

We call him Pie Grande in Consuelo and he is one of the best Americans I have ever worked with. I like how RJ treats people, respects our culture and loves life. He is a true, honorary Dominicano! RJ has been a guest in my house for lunch and dinner many times and I consider him a part of my family and an honored guest in my hometown of Consuelo.

Jesus "Pepe" Frias

9 year Major Leaguer with Montreal, Atlanta, Texas, and the LA Dodgers

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