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Little League Baseball Game


Work Hard Play Hard

Situated on the grounds of the National Cathedral in Washington, DC Bulldog Baseball welcomes ballplayers aged

4-14 to participate in our camps, leagues, and teams.

Led by Co-Directors Dan Thorner and RJ Johnsen, the coaches at Bulldog Baseball are educators and ballplayers who consistently focus on each player's effort and attitude.  If a ballplayer has done their best and treated others the right way then that day was a success no matter the on-field results.  

All our activities are fast-paced allowing for countless opportunities to improve specific skills such as hitting, throwing, and defense.  We work to and we work to create a fun environment where mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth and improvement.

We are confident that we can provide a challenging and encouraging environment for every ballplayer and offer a 100% refund to any family that is not happy with their experience 

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